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Remember to vote before the end of May 22nd!

Click on this link to vote: You MUST be signed into your AISD email account. Open in a private browser if you can’t open the form because you’re signed into a different email address.


Hello Fellow Students, Although teacher appreciation week is ending, we at Student Council are just beginning our teacher appreciation activity. Last year, we created cards for teachers and had you, the students, sign those cards. Teachers later told us that they genuinely appreciated the cards and personal notes from students. Since this isn’t viable with online school, we’re creating online cards for teachers and staff this year. The system is a bit convoluted, so read carefully.

Prom Updates

Latest Updates and Clarification

  • There will be many celebrities. Come particularly if you like the office or college/professional football! (May 2nd 8:30 pm)
  • The zoom code and password were sent out via naviance yesterday. They will not be posted on this website (May 2nd 7:15 pm)
  • We’ve added a Q&A for your convenience, located right here! (May 2nd 12 pm)
  • Vote for Prom Royalty here! (May 2nd 9 am)

Junior Feedback

Hi juniors! Student Council is re-evaluating our role in a shortened online school. Our primary purpose is to serve the needs of students, so we’re asking for your suggestions as we fulfill that purpose. The questions are super vague on purpose. We want all of your thoughts, complaints, questions, rants, really anything you can type. All responses are of course anonymous.

Prom 2020

This was originally written before COVID-19. Prom is being moved online. More information will follow.

Fundraising Information

Participating in the student council fundraiser not only is of immense help to us (and for which we are grateful for), but you will also get prizes from participating in it, depending on the amount of items you sell!

Junior Social Dates

Hey Juniors! We’ve decided the dates for our junior socials this semester (and for the rest of the school year).

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Prom Venue


Hello! For those that actually read stuff on this website, the prom date and venue have been decided. Prom will be held at the Double Tree (the one off of I-35), and the date is April 18th. More detailed information will be released in the future.

New Website

Welcome to the new LASA student council website!

Ephraim Retirement

Y’all Mr. Ephriam is retiring on January 31, 2020. This is coming up soon, so if you want to help out, please complete the steps below ASAP!

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