2019-2020 School Year

2019-2020 School Year


President: Sofia Moore

Sofia wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up.

Contact: smoore735@gmail.com

Vice-President: Avik Ahuja

Hey all! My name is Avik Ahuja and I’m super excited to be serving as your 2019-2020 senior class vice president. Throughout this year, I’m hoping that I can help organize senior class traditions and carry out my vice presidential duties In a way that helps bring our class together and makes this last year of high school the most fun and memorable of our lives. Please let me know if I can do anything to make your senior year better. I am always open to comments, Questions or concerns. I love the class of 2020 and hope that everyone has a very successful senior year!

Contact: avikahuja100@gmail.com

Treasurer: Maxi Ledesma

I’m just a city boy, born and raised in South Austin. You can catch me hanging with the boys and having long walks on the beach. If I could, I would wear Hawaiian shirts everyday.

Student Representative: Sophia Blaha

Blaha plays karate and guitar in her free time.

Contact: sophia.blaha@gmail.com


President: Sam Christian

I’m excited to be the Junior Student Council President this year! Outside of student council, I participate in Science Olympiads, as well as Astronomy and Physics Olympiad, and I also play the cello.

Contact: samchristianemail@gmail.com

Vice-President: Isabelle Saquing

Isabelle is so grateful to be the junior vice president for the 2019-2020 school year! Outside of student council, she also takes part in school theater, where she serves as the Alley Cat Players’ president.

Contact: isabelle.saquing@gmail.com

Treasurer: Lois Lee

Hey everybody! My name is Lois Lee and I am so excited to be the treasurer for the Class of 2021 this year! Outside of student council, I enjoy playing the piano and violin and painting.

Contact: loisyaelee@gmail.com

Student Representative: Annie Franklin

I’m Annie, your junior representative! Along with other general student council things, I run the class instagram (@lasa2021!). I enjoy riding my bike and baking- I often have homemade cookies with me, so feel free to ask for one! My main job as representative is to represent the student body’s opinion on student council and admin happenings, so don’t be afraid to send a dm, comment on a post or stop me in the hall if you have any questions or concerns!

Contact: anneofranklin1@gmail.com


President: Sally Edwards

Hi! My name is Sally Edwards, and I am the current president of the class of 2022. I am so excited to be in this role for another year, and can’t wait to see what it holds! If you see me in the halls, please say hi!

Contact: sallyedwards04@gmail.com

Vice-President: Erik Rodriguez

Erik Rodriguez is the Class of ‘22 Vice president. Erik enjoys collecting Pokémon cards and hanging out with friends. Fun fact: Erik can jump over his leg and juggle, just not at the same time. He hopes to meet as much of the class as possible so please feel free to say hi if you ever see him around!

Contact: erik.rodriguez1024@gmail.com

Treasurer: Darlene Lai

Hi everyone! My name is Darlene Lai, and I’m the Treasurer for the Class of 2022. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and hanging out with my puppy. I’m really excited for another great year in Student Council!

Contact: darlenelai@gmail.com

Student Representative: Ethan Liu

Hey LASA! My name is Ethan Liu and I am the Class of 2022 student representative. I enjoy playing piano and longboarding in my free time. If you have any questions or concerns you want to bring up to the student council, please email me at mailto or talk to me in person!

Contact: ethanliu04@gmail.com


President: Sam Church

Sam has 2 adorable and incredible dogs named Winston and Rosie. In his free time, Sam likes to code and sleep. He’s super excited to be on the student council this year!

Contact: churchasam@gmail.com

Vice-President: Keerthanyaa Arun

My name is Keerthanyaa Arun and I’m the freshman vice president. Outside of school, I like to swim, play tennis, and spend time with my friends and family.

Contact: keerthanyaa@gmail.com

Treasurer: Nina Prasad

Nina Prasad is the freshman student council treasurer. She is an a advocate for the class of 2023 and enjoys volunteering for her community. Nina is a very musical person and has played piano for many years. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, and doing arts and crafts projects. Nina really likes dogs and her favorite show is Friends.

Contact: nina.prasad2005@gmail.com

Student Representative: Julia Ding

Julia is the student council class of 2023 student representative. She’s always been interested in science and math, and is also always up for a good book to read. Outside of school, she loves music and has played the cello for three years. She’s bilingual and participates in Science Olympiad, and also loves helping others out and volunteering!

Contact: jding713@gmail.com