About us

Activities throughout the year

Some Activities that Student Council is in charge of planning are:

  • Homecoming
  • Prom
  • Candy grams
  • Teacher appreciation cards and gifts
  • Organizing a class-wide gift exchange
  • Facilitate the decision of the new LASA mascot and school colors (currently)
  • Decorating hallways for important events, including homecoming and holiday flair (typically the week before finals)
  • Making freshmen feel welcome (and all grades, of course)
  • Organizing class socials (where food is handed out to the respective classes)
  • Maintaining a class-wide communication system with at least 2/3rds of the class (typically through a remind system)
  • Keeping their respective classes informed of various activities
  • Raising money through miscellaneous fundraising events
  • Creating and selling class t-shirts
  • Attending CAC meetings once a month
  • Running student council elections
  • Fulfilling any requests of administrators
  • Taking– and implementing– suggestions from the student body

The activities that student council does, however, vary widely from year to year based off of the decisions of the members of the student council, as well as the student body in bringing potential activities to the council.


Each class has 4 officers: a president, vice president, treasurer, and student representative. The difference in roles is largely symbolic. Practically, all members of the council are expected to participate in all council events. The senior council (in theory) leads all events, and takes the lead in organizing council members into various roles. Although all decisions are expected to be reached by consensus within the council, ultimately the senior president has the authority to make decisions, at the discretion of the student council sponsor.

The student council teacher sponsor is Mrs. A, the theater teacher, although members of the council are expected to take a lead role on all events. The council meets every Wednesday during lunch, with an occasional joint meeting with the LBJ student council on a separate date.