Hello Fellow Students, Although teacher appreciation week is ending, we at Student Council are just beginning our teacher appreciation activity. Last year, we created cards for teachers and had you, the students, sign those cards. Teachers later told us that they genuinely appreciated the cards and personal notes from students. Since this isn’t viable with online school, we’re creating online cards for teachers and staff this year. The system is a bit convoluted, so read carefully.

There’s a spreadsheet with a bunch of cards. This is important to bookmark and if your card isn’t added to this spreadsheet, we won’t be able to send it to teachers.

On that spreadsheet, pick a link with an unchecked box next to it, and go to that Canva card. Make sure to “claim” the card as soon as you do this by clicking the box to avoid edit conflicts. You’ll need to sign into a Canva account to actually edit the card. We recommend you sign in with google with your AISD account, as this avoids Canva sending you annoying emails. Also, remember to fill out the relevant fields (recipient, author) so we know who to send the card to. Unless your name is on the physical card (i.e. not just on the spreadsheet), your name won’t be connected to your card.

If you’re thinking right now that “this system is so convoluted. There should be an easier way,” then you can create the card on the program of your choice (Google Draw, Adobe Indesign, Google Docs?1) and add a link to the spreadsheet that will allow us to send it to teachers. Although all cards will be screened by Student Council to make sure they don’t contain inappropriate messages, you can send your card directly to if you don’t want your card to be read by the student body at-large.

Thank you for helping us appreciate all teachers and staff at this amazing school,

Sam Christian and LASA Student Council

1: don’t do Google Docs…