It’s voting time! Check out to vote. Here’s a list of candidates running:

Sophomore Representative:

  • Julia Ding
  • Lucus Kim
  • Hana Hussaini
  • Anokhi Sheth
  • Adam Reisman
  • Kyra Kleiman

Sophomore Treasurer:

  • Sophie Lee
  • Nina Prasad
  • Isha Sheth
  • Karly Shi

Sophomore Vice-President:

  • Nina Balachandran
  • Keerthanyaa Arun
  • Claire Prairie

Sophomore President:

  • Sam Church
  • Emma Chu

Junior Representative:

  • Ethan Liu
  • Jonathan Woo
  • Barrett Ruth

Junior Treasurer:

  • Milonit Patel
  • Darlene Lai
  • Nevin Hall
  • Weiran Jiang
  • Lucy Sugawa

Junior Vice-president:

  • Erik Rodriguez

Junior President:

  • Sally Edwards

Senior Representative:

  • Annie Franklin

Senior Treasurer:

  • Lois Lee

Senior Vice-president:

  • Isabelle Saquing

Senior President:

  • Sam Christian

Student Council Elections ARE taking place this year. If you don’t know what student council is, it’s described in the attached PDF as well as on this website.

Most, importantly, your application to student council is due by the end of April 29th.

If you’ve decided to run please read the instructions on this document very carefully:

If that isn’t loading, here’s the PDF

Here’s the google form to sign up for elections:

Check out this calendar for the timeline of the very drawn out election:

Looking forward to seeing your application!

– The senior student council