Prom Updates

Latest Updates and Clarification

  • There will be many celebrities. Come particularly if you like the office or college/professional football! (May 2nd 8:30 pm)
  • The zoom code and password were sent out via naviance yesterday. They will not be posted on this website (May 2nd 7:15 pm)
  • We’ve added a Q&A for your convenience, located right here! (May 2nd 12 pm)
  • Vote for Prom Royalty here! (May 2nd 9 am)

Virtual Prom: How-to Guide (Updated Saturday Morning)

Q: What is virtual prom?

There are two sections to virtual prom. Attendees have the option to either attend the Zoom portion or the Instagram live being held @lbjlasaprom2020, featuring a live DJ.

Q: What do I do at virtual prom?

There will be music being played at prom by some great student & staff DJs. Additionally, there will be several gift card giveaway contests throughout the night.

Q: How do I navigate Zoom virtual prom?

In order to be placed in a specific breakout room, head to the main room and send a chat to the host to request the room that you would like to be placed in. If you want to change the room that you are in, simply head back to the main room and send another chat to the host.

Q: What are the different breakout rooms?

Indie, Metal, Rap, EDM, 90s, Lantinx, and a quiet room (in which attendees are allowed to be unmuted).

Q: What is the dress code?

Wear anything you would like (as long as it is appropriate, of course)! You can dress up, stay casual, it’s really up to you.

Q: What should I not be doing?

All participants will be muted in DJ breakout rooms, in order to preserve the sound quality of the various DJs. Please act appropriately in your video, or you will be removed from online prom by the hosts.

Q: How do I win a gift card?

There will be random contests throughout the night, and the rules for those contests will be revealed in the Zoom portion. Log into the Zoom call for a chance to win!

Q: When do spirit week winners get announced?

9:45 pm.

Q: When are royalty announcements?

10:30 pm. All nominees are asked to arrive at the zoom call a several minutes before, to ensure their attendance to the event (around 10:15pm).

Information from earlier in the week

Virtual Prom is May 2 from 9-11 PM on Zoom. KAZI 88.7 DJ-RJ will also be playing music on @lbjlasaprom2020 Instagram live. Make sure to follow your class Instagram page and @lbjlasaprom2020 for updates on Prom! Tell your friends! Spirit Week is April 26 - May 1. DM your submissions for Spirit Week to the LBJ/LASA Virtual Prom Instagram page at @lbjlasaprom2020. The top submissions of every challenge will be posted, and the best one for each challenge will be voted on May 2 at prom! (if there are prizes, add that here)

Here’s a flyer:


Monday - Dance Challenge

Showcase your dance moves to a catchy song in a video.

Tuesday- Pet Prom

Dress up your pets (or stuffed animals) in the best outfit or costume.

Wednesday- Most School Spirit

Dress up in your school colors or do a school chant and showcase your LBJ/LASA pride.

Thursday- Spring Halloween

Dress up in a cool costume or showcase your prom attire to celebrate Spring Halloween.

Friday- Best Prom Backdrop

Create your own prom backdrop. Make it creative and show us what your prom will be like.

Saturday- Prom Royalty

Vote for Prom Royalty during Prom! Voting for Spirit Week challenges will also happen at Prom.