Homecoming Activities

Although there is no Homecoming Dance this year, Student Council is still planning some activities to celebrate this week.

Guess the Athlete/Student/Teacher of the Day

From the 16th to be 20th, each day there will be a post including fun facts about various LASA students, teachers, and athletes will be put up on Instagram. Followers can guess the mystery people in the comments of the post. The correct answers of all the identities will be posted on the 20th. This is a fun activity to engage in and test your knowledge of your peers!

LASA Swag Scavenger Hunt

Student council will put up two scavenger hunt items to find per day, from the 16th to 19th. These are including pictures, previous shirts, and LASA swag that you may find around your house. Participants may hunt for these items then send a picture over to the @lasastuco Instagram or email, homecoming@lasastuco.org. Students who find 5 or more items of the 8 total posted throughout the week will be entered in a drawing for a LASA swag prize. The winner will be announced on the 20th.

Theme Week

Continuing with the annual theme week, students are encouraged to dress up for school with our homecoming themes! Virtual backgrounds are highly encouraged. Pictures can be sent to Instagram to be shared and posted. Here are the themes for this year:

Monday (16th): Animal Day

  • Set your zoom background to your favorite animal, choose an animal filter on Zoom, or wear animal accessories and clothing.

Tuesday (17th): Cowboy Day

  • Set your virtual to the Wild Wes or wear your signature Texan cowboy hat.

Wednesday (18th): Under the Sea Day

  • Find your best pirate gear or set your background to a cool ocean theme and swim with the fishes!

Thursday (19th): Meme Day

  • Dress up as your favorite meme or include it in your background.

Friday (20th): Spirit Day

  • Deck out in LASA swag. Include raptor background or other dinosaurs!