Ephraim Retirement

Y’all Mr. Ephriam is retiring on January 31, 2020. This is coming up soon, so if you want to help out, please complete the steps below ASAP!

If you don’t know much about Mr. Ephriam, this video says it all.

Sharing Memories

If you have a memory and/or message to share with this wonderful human being, please visit:

www.lasahighschool.org/ray before January 27th.

Contributing Money for a Gift

Geeta Suggs, a parent, is collecting money for a gift. This will be from students, parents, faculty, anyone that wants to donate to it. All money will come to her, as students and faculty can’t collect due to AISD rules.

  1. Venmo: craftyengineer
  2. Paypal<paypal.me/craftyengineer>

Cash = sure; Check by Friday, Jan 24 (payable to “geeta suggs”).

Deadline: Monday, Jan 27, 2020

He will be so missed by everyone.